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Osstell Beacon

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Art. nr. 103000

Osstell Beacon


Osstell Beacon - Implant stability measurement

Included with delivery of the Osstell Beacon measuring device:
USB dongle for Bluetooth communication
1 Osstell TestPeg
1 SmartPeg mount
Instruction manual
The Osstell Beacon helps you to objectively determine implant stability and measure the degree of osseointegration without jeopardising the healing process. It is a fast and non-invasive diagnosis instrument that provides precise information required for making well-informed decisions. The compact diagnosis instrument is wireless, giving you greater freedom of movement in your dental practice.

Evaluate implant stability and monitor osseointegration
Extract data, share files and analyse results using the Osstell Connect portal
Shorter treatment times
Greater predictability of treatment of patients with risk factors

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