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EliReel rolls are the ideal packaging for the safe reprocessing of dental instruments

in the sterilizer.

  • Robust and tear-resistant
  • Excellent drying
  • Simple, quick, unambiguous
  • proper storage (temperature 20–25°C and humidity 35–50%)
  • PET/PP (polyester and polypropylene)
  • 6 months duration of sterility


Top level packaging

The combination of paper and foil forms a reliable protective barrier.
EliReel packaging is extremely strong and tear-resistant.
EliReel are extremely durable and have excellent drying performance.
EliReel packaging provides accessible and quick information on whether the sterilized product has been reprocessed.
To simplify daily use and avoid mistakes, there is only a steam indicator. It quickly and easily shows whether products have undergone a sterilization process.
EliReel meets the highest requirements for the storage of sterile products.
Envelopes created with EliReel can be easily opened prior to treatment.

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